Getting Around the County

The Best way to Explore

Check out the Explore Page on The County's official tourism site. 

While getting lost on the back roads is part of the true County experience, here are a few tips and resources to help you get to your destination in the County safe and sound:


GPS can be wonky in Prince Edward County. Be sure that your device is routing you to your desired destination before travelling.

Mobile reception is limited in some areas. Grab a good old-fashioned paper map to ensure you have a back-up if reception kicks out. You can also save an offline version of any of the google maps on the side (Click for Instructions).

Look for and pick up a copy of the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce's Red Map - available throughout The County (or at the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce's Office) - to get you to your destination without any trouble.


Gas stations are few and far between in The County (again, part of our charm!). When heading out for the day, be sure to fill up before leaving as re-fueling options are limited outside of Picton.


  • Interactive Maps – these applications are an extension of Prince Edward County’s GIS which allows the user to create and print their own maps of the County
  • Parks and Recreation Finder - an online tool that can be used to quickly find information on parks and recreational activities in The County

In the righthand side of this page you will find a series of helpful maps that can help you plan your visit to The County.